Scott Barstow


Scott has nearly 20 years of experience building software and leading teams in high-growth companies. He was one of the early engineers at Bandwidth (NASDAQ:BAND), a telecommunication technology startup, and served as CTO during a period of explosive growth when the company tripled in revenue each year and transitioned from a data services to one of the largest all-IP voice networks in the U.S.

He then led a product engineering team inside Symantec, building a workflow automation suite to automate IT tasks within Fortune 500 companies.

Since 2010 Scott has been the CEO of Rocket Hangar, a technology product and services company serving primarily early-stage startups. He served two years as a venture partner at Sovereign’s Capital, and is an advisor to multiple early stage technology product companies.

Scott’s latest venture is Spellbound, a fractional CTO and investor advisory firm working with lower middle market private equity and search fund investors to acquire, transition and scale technology product companies.

Scott lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife Shelley and has two children, Margaret and Charlie.