Global U Details

Our Method

Global U helps you identify your gifting and passion and gives you the skills and networks you need to build a career.

Global U believes your interest in technology and call to ministry can come together for a tangible impact on the world around us. You will receive world-class training in the areas of entrepreneurship, and computer science. You will have the support of our team as you seek greater intimacy in your faith and deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God. Finally, it will all come together to form your Kingdom-focused passion projects!

Global U practices the FAAR pedagogical method that Jesus demonstrated.

  • Frame the issue.
  • Activate the student.
  • Assess what happened.
  • Reflect on what it means to you.

Global U mentors students in body, soul, and spirit. We have a track record of coaching thousands to grow in their identity and calling.

Global U uses a team approach to coaching in order to impart a variety of perspectives.


Full-Stack Web Development

Global U’s Full-Stack Web Development program is the most comprehensive web development curriculum you’ll find. Unlike other Web Development programs, Global U students develop a deep understanding of algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture.

While all Global U students will be trained in web development, some will go deeper than others. If you see your primary focus as entrepreneurship, our approach will be a customized learning path.

We will offer web development tailored to those entrepreneurs who are generalists. Some Global U students don’t aspire to themselves become programmers but want to understand how to use the web to activate their dreams. Global U will equip you to engage with and deploy in an increasingly complex digital universe.

Curriculum Outline

Responsive Web Design
Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Computer Architecture
Problem Solving
Javascript Front End Libraries
Data Visualization
APIs and Microservices
Information Security and Quality Assurance
Mathematics for Computer Science
Operating Systems
Computer Networking
Language and Compilers
Distributed Systems

Programming Language


Development Stack

MongoDB – MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemata.
Express – Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js
React – JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Built by Facebook.
Node – As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications.


Full Stack Web Development, Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Front End Libraries, Data Visualization, APIs and Microservices, and Information Security and Quality Assurance certifications are issued by FreeCodeCamp 501(c)3.

Earning Potential

$80k – Average wage with two years experience (source).

Experiential and Cohort-Based Learning

Web Development & Entrepreneurship

Global U helps turn dreamers into Entrepreneurs. You will grow your skills and ideas through experience and mentorship.

Global U is broken into three sections: Ideation, Execution Launch. Students walk through the full life cycle of launching a new venture.

You’ll become an expert in web development, learn project management, and launch applications. Some Passion Projects may become sustainable enterprises that continue to bring hope and change lives long after you’ve graduated.


Our teachers have trained Fortune 500 executives and ministry leaders alike.

Most schools teach leadership in the classroom, but we’ve found that the best leadership training is imparted through experience, debriefing, and coaching. You’ll be challenged and encouraged at a high level.

We grow leaders over time by connecting you to mentors and projects that will move you into arenas where you’ll grow in your people skills, empowerment of others, and communication.

You will learn to lead yourself first, and then to lead others. Self-leadership begins with character grounded in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It continues as you align your vision and values with His and can articulate them to others.

Spiritual Formation

We study the life and ministry of Jesus and use that as a touchstone for everything we do. We use the Jesus-focused model that Adventures in Missions has used in discipling over 100,000 people around the world. Our regular 1-on-1 mentorship allows each student to be seen and appreciated for their unique identity. You’ll grow in your identity as one who is loved by God, and you’ll begin to walk in your calling.

Global U culture places a premium on relationship in an environment of safety and feedback. Living in such a positive culture is one of the most gratifying things about student life.

We help students to learn how to walk in intimacy, community, and mission.

You will spend the first month of the program going through a self-assessment process. Then, you’ll build your Personal Development Plan for the year with your cohort coaches – trained specialists who focus on each of four areas: body, soul, spirit, and career/calling. They give regular coaching each week. Your coaches look at where you want to be and where you are, then help you develop and walk out your plan for the duration of each year.

Tuition Breakdown


$10,000 – Ministry costs: These tax-deductible costs include housing, food, air travel, and ministry training. These costs will be paid to and received by Adventures in Missions.

$9,000 – Educational costs: These costs include bringing in mentors and teachers, educational material, and educational excursions. This amount is not tax deductible and will be paid to and received by Global U.

Where Students Live

You will be based out of three campuses over nine months. You will experience how others live as you are immersed in new cultures, forming lasting relationships with people who bring a fresh perspective. We chose each of the countries where we’ll be based on their beauty, the potential for adventure, and dynamic culture. You will experience how others live as you are immersed in new cultures, forming lasting relationships with people who bring a fresh perspective.

Malaga, Spain

Much of our culture grows out of the cultures and economic systems that originated in Europe. Spain sits on the Western edge of the only post-Christian continent on the planet. One of history’s first global empires, its language is the 3rd most spoken in the world. The birthplace of bullfights, the Inquisition, and tapas, this land of deep passion needs fresh faith. Though 94% of Spaniards would declare themselves Roman Catholic, only 25% of the nation attends a religious service once a month. Whether you are hiking the Camino de Santiago with other pilgrims or sitting at a cafe, you’ll have the chance to bring life where tradition has grown stale.


Chiang Mai – Thailand

Behind Thailand’s beautiful beaches, its people’s smiling faces, and the tropical jungles lies a terrible secret: modern day slavery.

In Buddhist culture, women work to support their families so men can earn spiritual merit as monks. Many parents send their daughters to work in cities where the only option is prostitution.

As the country’s natural beauty continues to draw visitors, sexual tourism continues to grow. It’s estimated 60% of tourists visit the Red Light Districts—and 90% of Thai men visit local karaoke bars for the same reason.

Antigua – Guatemala

“Land of Eternal Spring.” Guatemala, which is often called the “New Jerusalem,” is one of the most evangelical countries in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside local believers who are working to bring the Word of Christ to a new generation. You might spend your days building relationships with youth who are at risk for falling into gang violence, but you could also kick a soccer ball around in the lush rainforest terrain with volcanoes framing the horizon. Life in Guatemala moves despacito, focused around family hospitality. Our long-term team here has seen God move in dramatic ways recently.

Global U Academic Calendar


September 9 – December 14

Malaga & Mijas

  • Personal baseline – assessment: Introduce The Oaks Model of Spiritual Formation.
  • Form cohorts – you and five others will form a community
  • Debriefing last year – you come from culture & set of experiences. What did you learn?
  • Debriefing your childhood & adolescence
  • What is your destiny?

Sept 9

Camino hiking – show up in shape! We will bond and learn as a class while hiking on the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. You’ll hike in cohorts.

  • Learning theme: Asking great questions and having great conversations
  • Teaching theme: Journaling, Bible study, Prayer, Safety protocols
  • Accountability: Every day, a page of questions

Sept 30

Mijas – take in scenic views of the Costa del Sol. Mijas is home to G42, a leadership training school whose leaders will put us through assessments and an intensive spiritual formation process.

October Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – Principle-based living & levels of leadership
  • Entrepreneurship – Socratic method & Scientific Method. Begin by asking questions.
  • Web –   Responsive Web Design: Basic HTML, Basic CSS, Applied Visual Design, Applied Accessibility
  • Ministry – Inventory of and connection to local ministries. Choose three to invest in and learn from. Be prepared to travel to the ministry weekly to touch others and bring them life. Learn and activate partnership protocol: The Win/Win

Oct 11-13

Adventure Weekend #1: The Arts and You

  • Options: Granada, Segovia, Seville
  • Learning theme: Passions and Projects
  • Accountability:  Return home with a report on the origins of key artists and with new advances in your Passion Project. Write a report/blog on “Me as an artist.”

Oct 15-Dec 14 

Malaga – one of the oldest cities in the world and the sixth largest in Spain. Home to Picasso, beaches, and beautiful downtown plazas. We’ll learn about creating culture by observing elements of a culture that has been curated for centuries.

Oct 25-27

Adventure Weekend #2: Literary excursion

  • Options: Ronda: Hemingway,
  • Learning theme: Writing well
  • Accountability: Write a series of 3 blog posts: “My story – Childhood, Adolescence,
  • Adulthood”

November Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – Dangerous Jesus
  • Entrepreneurship – Leadership & MVP process for startups
  • Web –  Responsive Web Design: Responsive Web Principles, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid,
  • Responsive Web Design Projects
  • Ministry – Listening Prayer

November 8 – 10

Adventure Weekend #3: Matthew 10 theme

  • Options: Cheap flights & then Matt. 10
  • Learning theme: Dependence on God
  • Accountability: Write a report/blog “My journey with nothing: What God did and what I learned.”

Nov 20 – 24

Adventure Weekend #4: International theme

December Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – One-on-one Discipleship
  • Entrepreneurship – Finance & Masters of Scale lessons
  • Web –  Javascript Algorithms: Basic Javascript, ES6, Regular Expressions, Debugging, Basic Algorithm Scripting, Functional Programming
  • Ministry – Praying for and activating others

December 1 – 6

Grand Finale – Passion Projects Shark Tank

December 10 – February 19

Chaing Mai, Thailand

Its old city still retains vestige of walls and moats from its history as a cultural and religious center. It’s also home to hundreds of elaborate Buddhist temples. Enjoy its night market, ride elephants and explore jungles.

January Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – The Oaks model revisited – goal-setting
  • Entrepreneurship – Case studies: Kingdom enterprises in Swaziland
  • Web –  Data Structures: Basic Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
  • Ministry – Roots of poverty. Maslow’s Hierarchy. Sustainability. True religion.

Adventure Weekend #5: Kingdom of God

  • Learning theme: What is the Kingdom of God?
  • Accountability: Write a report or blog – “How did I learn about the Kingdom of God?”

February Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – Spiritual disciplines
  • Entrepreneurship – Building your team.
  • Web – Javascript Algorithms & Data Structures: Projects, Front End Libraries: Bootstrap
    Sass, React
  • Ministry –Missional community development

February 14 – 19

Adventure Weekend #6: Myanmar

  • Learning theme: Kinetic learning. Building a plan for your body.
  • Accountability: Write a report or blog – “How did I learn by doing?”

February 20 – March 8

Grand Finale – Passion Projects Shark Tank

March 10 – June 7

Antigua, Guatemala 

Walking it’s peaceful cobblestone streets, enjoying the colonial architecture, it’s hard to imagine the violence Antigua has experienced. Last year the Fuego Volcano belched clouds of ashes into the streets that have experienced great earthquakes in years past.

March Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – Being filled with the Spirit
  • Entrepreneurship – Sales & marketing skills
  • Web –  Front End Libraries: Redux, React & Redux, Front End Libraries Projects
  • Ministry – Leading a small group

March 26-29

Adventure Weekend #8: Lake Atitlan – Language learning theme

  • Learning theme: What is the fastest way to learn a language?
  • Accountability: Partner up and teach each others Spanish

April Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – Spiritual gifts
  • Entrepreneurship – Operations skills
  • Ministry – Acts 1:8 Four levels of outreach

April 10 – 12

Adventure Weekend #9: Matt. 10 & Church-planting theme

  • Work alongside a partner church. How does a new church get established?
  • Learning theme: How do we plant churches?
  • Accountability: Write a report/blog “Why is Mattew 10 so hard for Americans to try?”

April 24 – 26

Adventure Weekend #10: Homestays – “Poverty as blessing theme.”

  • You’ll travel to be a guest in the home of a member in one of our partner churches.
  • Learning theme: Hospitality
  • Accountability: Write a report/blog – “What makes for great hospitality?”

May Academic Goals & Activities

  • Spiritual Formation – Understanding calling
  • Entrepreneurship – Presentation skills
  • Web –  Apis and Microservices: Basic Node & Express
  • Ministry – Long distance discipleship

May 22 – 26

Adventure Weekend #11: Central America

  • You and your cohort can travel to any nearby country: Belize, Nicaragua, CR, Mexico
  • Learning theme: Life change is good. Be a lifelong learner
  • Accountability: Write a report/blog – “How my life changed at Global U.”

June 4 – 6

Grand Finale – Passion Projects Shark Tank