Gap Year for Young Christian Entrepreneurs

Travel the world, build relationships, and work alongside world-class entrepreneurial mentors as you leverage technology to impact the world.

Your International Classroom




Chiang Mai



A tribe who dares to change the world

Join a select group of your peers – adventurous, curious, Jesus-followers who are ready to learn, dream, and build!

The Real World is Not Exclusive - Learn All Three

Software Development

MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js
Computer Science:
Architecture, Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems


This isn’t theory or play money.
You dream it, build it, and we mentor you through scaling it.


Feed the hungry, heal the sick, pour out the love of Christ.
Jesus is our touchstone.

Our Team

Web Development & Entrepreneurship

Build a foundational skill set in computer science. You will build and launch applications from scratch – database to design – using MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and React.

Find your work ethic and resiliency tested as you use your new developer skill-set to build out and launch passion projects with your cohort.

You will walk away from Global U an expert in web development, project management, and launching applications. Your passion project may become a sustainable enterprise that continues to change lives long after you’ve graduated!


We’ve found that the best leadership training is imparted through experience, debriefing, and coaching. You’ll be challenged and encouraged at a high level.

Your mentors have trained Fortune 500 executives and ministry leaders alike. We use a model of leadership that is pressure-tested in real-world engagements.

Your mentors will ask you to move outside your comfort zone and into areas where you will grow in communication, and the ability to work and empower those you work with.

Community - Cohort

Experience small class sizes, and even smaller cohorts. You will form a cohort of 5-7 people from your class with cross-functional skill-sets.

Global U culture values an environment of safety and feedback. Living in a positive culture with peers who cheer on your successes and help you overcome your failures is one of the most gratifying aspects of student life.

Your cohort will facilitate feedback, code-reviews, and personal development plans; with oversight from mentors that include trained specialists in body, soul, spirit and career/calling.

Global Network

Welcome to the Global Kingdom Network! Your network will now include world-class leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and coders who will serve as mentors throughout your time in Global U and beyond.

Global U gives you a step up in the business world. Your Global U mentors could be the one offering you an internship, or investing in your start-up. Not only do your mentors have immense wisdom in business, but are also faithful men and women who will also speak into your spiritual life

Ministry & Spiritual Formation

Global U uses the Jesus-focused model that our parent organization, Adventures in Missions, has used in discipling and mobilizing over 100,000 people around the world.

You will join in regular one-on-one mentorship. This allows you to be seen and appreciated for your unique identity.

You’ll grow in your identity as one who is loved by God, and you’ll begin to walk in intimacy with the Father, community with those around you, a mission to reach all nations, and your individual calling.


To some it is a dream to travel the world, see exotic markets, soak up culture and history. For a Global U student, it is their daily reality.

There are weekends set aside for you and your cohort to explore! Take the train somewhere, cross some borders, and dive into the wonders of the cultures and people around you. Monday morning each cohort reports in with the story of their Adventure Weekend. What story will you tell?